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Sealing Criminal Convictions

Sealing Your Criminal Conviction In Nassau, Suffolk Counties and Mineola, Hempstead, Uniondale, NY


How can you seal your criminal conviction and get that job you need?

If you or a friend or relative has a criminal conviction which is greater than 10 years old you may be able to get that conviction sealed and get the job you need, buy the house you want, or simply remove that blemish from your record.

The very first step is to call Jeffrey Bettan at (516) 642-6636. If your conviction is greater than 10 years old and is generally not a sex offense crime, a “violent crime” as defined by statute, a “class A felony” or certain other felonies defined by statute, Jeffrey Bettan will assist you in getting that conviction sealed.

Act now. A felony conviction can hinder your ability to get a job, a promotion, attend school, get a professional license and fully enjoy your life. New York State has “put into place” the means to seal your criminal conviction. The sealing of your criminal conviction can open up a wide array or social, professional and business opportunities for you.

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