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Fight Your Traffic Ticket in Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Posted on January 24, 2021

If you are charged with a Traffic Violation in Nassau County, Suffolk County or in any of the counties in New York City you need aggressive and hands-on legal representation.  Turn to me. I am your “go to” attorney who will fight your traffic tickets.  I have represented hundreds of satisfied clients and, in many case I have had tickets completely dismissed or drastically reduced.

I am dedicated to protecting your finances,  driving record and your insurance premiums. Below are just a few examples of my success:

In Nassau County my client was charged with driving with his children who were not wearing their seat belt.  These charges carried major consequences.  At the trial, my client testified that his children were, in fact, wearing their seat belts but the officer’s view was obstructed by the winter jackets worn by the children.  On examination, the officer admitted that he did not check the children’s attire and the judge dismissed the case

In Queens County my client, an Uber driver, was charged with a violation of driving while texting on his cell phone.  This violation carried 5 points and the potential to increase his insurance premiums.  At trial my client testified that his passenger was experiencing a medical emergency and the text was to his dispatcher.  The text was verified and the case was dismissed.

In Nassau County my client was charged with talking while on her cell phone.  This is also a 5 point violation.  She had slightly (and lawful) tinted windows and assured me that the police office could not see into her vehicle from his vantage point.  I questioned the officer who admitted that he “thought he saw her on the phone but was not certain because of the tinted window” – The case was properly dismissed.  PS:  My client was eating a cupcake and was not using her cell phone.

You can beat your traffic court violation.  If you get tickets for a Stop Sign Violation, Tailgaiting, Phone or Texting Violation, License Suspension or Driving without a License, Disobeying a Traffic Control Device or Operating without Insurance, don’t pay the fine until you speak to me.

Contact me at 516-642-6636 for a FREE CONSULTATION.  I personally answer your call, I work hard to save you points and avoid an increase to your insurance premiums.

Jeffrey Bettan, 600 Old Country Road, Suite 323, Garden City, New York 11530 conveniently located at the entrance to the Roosevelt Field Mall.

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