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Domestic Violence

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At the Law Offices of Jeffrey Bettan You Get Solid Advise and Fast Action on Your Domestic Violence Case.

Learn How to Win Your Domestic Violence Case and Still Keep Your Job, Your Children and Your Reputation in the Community. If You Are Reading This Page, You’re Probably Scared. You May Have Missed Work, Causing Financial Stress. You Are Most Likely Worried About the Impact These Charges Will Have On Your Life, Including Your Freedom. And You Are Probably Distressed Trying to Figure Out Who You Can Turn To for Help

I Am a Criminal Defense Attorney With Over 35 Years of Experience in All Criminal Courts Throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County, NY. I Am Here to Help You With a Free Consultation (Don’t Worry About Money Upfront to Get the Answers You Need

When Facing a Charge of Domestic Battery or Violence, It Is Crucial That You Speak With an Attorney Who Is Familiar With These Types of Cases, and the Court System, Who Will Use His Knowledge and Expertise to Provide You With High Quality Legal Representation.

What Should You Do if You Are Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime? There Are Many Cases Where a Person Can Claim That He/She Has Been Falsely Accused. Was There a Prior Relationship Between the Parties That Became Sour Due to Infidelity, Jealousy or Other Circumstances? Was There a Prior Work Relationship Between the Parties? Was There a False Allegation of Physical Abuse Between Co-habiting Individuals? Was There a Monetary Dispute Between the Parties? Was There a Custody Battle Over Children Between the Parties? Was There Early Outcry by the Alleged Victim? Was There Hospitalization or Other Medical Treatment Received by the Alleged Victim?Was the Perso Bringing the Charges Intoxicated? These and Other Circumstances May Provide a Defense to a Sex Crime Allegation. Learn How to Win Your Case.

It’s Important to Avoid Some Common Mistakes if You Are Charged With Domestic Violence. For Example: Don’t Resist Arrest – Running From or Fighting Against the Police Will Only Put You in Danger and Make You Look Guilty Especially When You Are Charged With Domestic Violence.
It’s Vital That You Do Not Talk About Your Case With Anyone but Your Lawyer. Your Conversations With Your Lawyer Are Privileged. Anyone Else You Speak to About Your Case Can Be Called by the Prosecution to Testify Against You.

If You Have Been Accused of Domestic Violence, It’s a Mistake to Assume Everybody Will Automatically See the Truth. Unfortunately, False Domestic Violence or Sex Crime Accusations Are Far More Common Than Most People Think. Was the Alleged Victim a Jealous Spouse or Girlfriend? Is There a Custody Battle Over Children Motivated by a Desire for Revenge? Was the Alleged Victim Intoxicated? Is the Alleged Victim Willing to Drop the Charges?

I Have Won Favorable Results for Clients in a Full Range of Domestic Battery Criminal Cases Including Felonies and Misdemeanors. Don’t Let Overzealous Prosecutors Pressure You Into an Unfair Result. I Will Take on the Prosecutor and Guide You Through Every Step in the Legal Process.

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Jeffrey Bettan represented me in court on two occasions where I was wrongfully charged . Jeff worked hard to get these matters resolved to my satisfaction. At the end of cases, I was very happy with the way Jeff represented me. He is highly recommended.

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