In this age of the #metoomovement many men are accused of sexual abuse. In my most recent case I am representing a man accused of sexually abusing his step daughter. A false accusation can ruin a persons life. The complaint against my client was filed in the Nassau County Family Court which routinely hears sexual abuse cases. It was filed by her mother who is the wife of my client. When first reported to the authorities my client was forced to vacate his home, lose visitation with his natural son and forced to get a new apartment. The step daughter was interviewed by the Nassau County Special Victims Unit. Here’s what she said: She made no sexual abuse disclosures. She claimed her deceased grandmother sees the sexual abuse from heaven and reports it to her living aunt, who in turn, tells her mother. She also said that her initial report to the police about being drugged by my client was a lie. She has no recollection of abuse. Rather than dismiss the case as Unfounded it has been adjourned to early March for further interviews. Meanwhile my client has suffered psychologically and financially. HOPEFULLY THE NONSENSE CONCLUDES IN EARLY MARCH.